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Journey on FEVE Narrowgauge Railway Northern Spain

9 days with 6 stopovers in February 2014.---Click on small photos for information.

[---Closest airport to Ferrol is A Corruna ,15 miles (24.5 km ) or Santiago De Compostela , 42.5 miles
(67.9 km )--------------Closest airport to Hendaya France is San Sebastian Spain 1.3 miles (2.2 km )
or Biarritz Pays Basque France 14.3 miles (22.9 km). -- I used the main trains to get to Ferrol Spain..mg=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/935071/2c3d67b0-4c70-11e8-a07f-97c2bd5561f2.JPG thumb=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/935071/thumb_2c3d67b0-4c70-11e8-a07f-97c2bd5561f2.JPG]ef784e80-4c6f-11e8-a07f-97c2bd5561f2.JPGd75e4340-4c6f-11e8-a07f-97c2bd5561f2.JPG8d3742d0-4c6f-11e8-a07f-97c2bd5561f2.JPG5c6d06d0-4c6f-11e8-a07f-97c2bd5561f2.JPGdea24490-4c6e-11e8-a07f-97c2bd5561f2.JPG3f4cc730-4c6e-11e8-a07f-97c2bd5561f2.JPGfa607f10-4bb2-11e8-b47b-bf3da1bd216c.JPGc89b6850-4bb2-11e8-b47b-bf3da1bd216c.JPG904e69c0-4bb2-11e8-b47b-bf3da1bd216c.JPG48e0e400-4bb2-11e8-b47b-bf3da1bd216c.JPG44d650e0-4bb5-11e8-8fc2-271de7d3ded5.JPGa98da930-4bb4-11e8-8fc2-271de7d3ded5.JPG1de91090-4bb4-11e8-8fc2-271de7d3ded5.JPGc568a980-4bb3-11e8-8fc2-271de7d3ded5.JPG735465e0-4ba8-11e8-9496-2914e0c30623.JPG4a3c87f0-4ba8-11e8-9496-2914e0c30623.JPG1e2329d0-4ba8-11e8-9496-2914e0c30623.JPGea4915c0-4ba7-11e8-839e-418bbc20aff5.JPGb6723600-4ba7-11e8-839e-418bbc20aff5.JPGI made my way to Ferrol ,in north west Spain in February 2014, to start my journey, on the narrow gauge railway from Ferrol to Irun/Hendaya on the French border. The train is FEVE a subsidary of RENFE the Spanish national railway company. The trains are modern with on board toilet but no refreshment service. Fares are cheap, the timetable is difficult to work out, and took me ages to work out getting from one place to another. This journey took me 9 days with 6 stopovers.fdfc7d70-4ba5-11e8-a348-6322abaa7f0f.JPGcf90a3d0-4ba5-11e8-a348-6322abaa7f0f.JPG98ade3a0-4ba5-11e8-a348-6322abaa7f0f.JPG648e1400-4ba5-11e8-a348-6322abaa7f0f.JPG1f0a5ce0-4ba5-11e8-bbc3-5b6af14501ce.JPGe17151e0-4ba4-11e8-839e-418bbc20aff5.JPGa4824280-4ba4-11e8-839e-418bbc20aff5.JPG67b5d650-4ba4-11e8-a348-6322abaa7f0f.JPGThe station at Ferrol is shared by FEVE and RENFE. ===========FERROL is on the Atlantic coast of Spain , and has been a naval shipbuilding centre most of its history. Ferrol is the birthplace of General Franco in 1892. It is a pretty place with a Cathedral, Town Hall and Docks { The map was on a tiled wall,the Feve route is red , if you can make it out.]. Click on small photos for more information.-----I moved on to RIBADEO,the route is mainly near the coast. Ribadeo this a lovely place for a stopover,with a harbour and little marina.------My next stop was LAURCA with its pretty harbour. 3 days before i arrived in Laurca it had been pounded by rough seas, and the damage was still visable. There are stunning views from the Little Chapel on one side and the Lighthouse on the other. The Tourist Office is in the Main Square for a free map.-------------My third stopover was GIJON , a town with a good beach and promenade. Gijon is from roman times.----95966540-4bb7-11e8-8fc2-271de7d3ded5.JPG459ee620-4bb7-11e8-8fc2-271de7d3ded5.JPGea493f00-4bb6-11e8-8fc2-271de7d3ded5.JPGfaccdbd0-4bba-11e8-ae85-ef53e23fe94a.JPGc7f7dbb0-4bba-11e8-ae85-ef53e23fe94a.JPG4e3c3910-4bba-11e8-a2ee-87c3d4e91dde.JPG16e1d7e0-4bba-11e8-a2ee-87c3d4e91dde.JPG--------SANTANDER is the largest place so far. Head office of the bank that bears it name. A busy place. With a bus station and the FEVE and RENFE stations. Stayed one night.---------Last stopover is BILBABO an interesting place with plenty to see. Cathedral, and Transporter bridge, also a trip tp Gurnika.-- There are3 rail stations in Bilbabo, the FEVE , Main line, and The Euskotren .. I took the Euskotren for my final leg to Hendaya via St. Sebastion. A very enjoyable holiday.92217080-4bbc-11e8-95dc-0597d7fbb26f.JPG4c9e1210-4bbd-11e8-95dc-0597d7fbb26f.JPG0aee6d60-4bbd-11e8-95dc-0597d7fbb26f.JPGe5566760-4bbc-11e8-95dc-0597d7fbb26f.JPG----CLICK SMALL PHOTOS FOR WHERE IT IS------------FEVE is Ferrocarriles de via Estrecha, spanish for Narrow Gauge Railway, now named RENFE FEVE. The gauge is one metre.----------------------------THIS JOURNEY CAN BE DONE HENDAYA (france) to FERROL ALSO ,check timetables you may have to change trains. ESKOTREN IS NAME from Hendaya/ Irun to Bilbao,then FEVE.

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